Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quick Breakie/ Mommy Breakfast

Love this,  they are quick and still healthy options.  I find I don't have a lot of time in the morning, since I get up when he's up usually,  and I really try to follow the cardinal rule of eating within 2 hours of waking up (jumpstart your metabolism).

Thanks Women's Health for laying it out so simply!

The little things are the biggest reward

Motherhood, well parenthood, is challenging for sure. Having a newborn requires energy and patience.  There are a lot of sleepless nights and cries to learn, although there are books, most of it is trial and error until your baby seems satisfied. You are trucking along as well as you know, and checking in with the doctor monthly; all you want to hear is "great, he looks great...keep up what you are doing".  When you do hear that, "phew" you think, "I don't suck as a parent!  YES!"

As they grow a little more, then start the rounds of vaccinations.  Your baby is happy and healthy and now you have to poke them...all while YOU hold them. So not only do you feel sorry for them, you are now feeling guilty because they are giggling in your safe arms and then WAHHHHHH!!!...they have been poked.

After a few months you notice a pattern and set schedule occurring, your baby is starting to sleep longer hours at night and, hence, so are you. The first few months are conquered and you are now in the "more energy" zone.  You can begin to plan things based on his schedule and feel super confident, taking care of him is literally a piece of pie (you don't want the pie because you are now actively trying to lose excess baby weight).  But wait...did you hear about sleep regression?  That's right as your baby hits a growth spurt, a significant one (commonly seen at the 4 month mark), everything regresses back to those 2-3 hour waking periods, and out goes the neat schedule.  This episode knocks you on your butt, you feel exhausted, and look it your hair and skin are now paying for those 10 months of pregnancy glow and hair fullness (hair is now shedding and skin dries like crazy).
All in all, it's quite alright because the regression passes and your sweet baby finds himself falling back into a pattern and seems content again. 

Then he starts to teeth...

It's tough for sure, but, and I kid you not, it is by far the best few months of my life so far.  You go through this to ensure he is comfortable and has everything he needs, that innately becomes your only concern (far above yourself), because his smile and laugh and watching him grow and develop...well words can't describe how ridiculously amazing it feels.  As you are going through the first few months, you notice his strides in development. It feels like a trophy won or a a blue ribbon, each time he achieves something;  he smiles now, he baby talks, he now grabs his toys, he now reaches and grabs his feet, he knows me and his dad and goes crazy whenever he sees us enter his room, he blows raspberries, he loves to touch our face, he loves his reflection...the list goes on.  All these "little things" are understatedly the best things I have ever experienced, the biggest joys, and I know there are more to come.

The whole point is that, each little thing Caiden does, is so huge in my heart.  A couple of nights ago, he woke up at 2 am, I was just exhausted...I got up , fed him and put him back to bed.  As I was putting him in the crib, and ready to go back to bed myself, my angel muffin started giggling in his sleep.  He looked so damn adorable, I could've stood there forever just smiling back and staring at him and beaming to myself. No matter what, every day I look at him and whenever he opens his beautiful eyes and looks at me, that alone is wow, but then he smiles, another wow...then the laughing and playing (he is at such an interactive stage now).  Each little thing he does is awesome, and makes me fall in love daily.

Precious to the maximum this little fellow is, I love being his mom. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Halloween...Grrrrr

Caiden's first Halloween, though was too young for trick-or-treating,  was special.  He was the cutest little tiger and spent the day showing off (ok I was showing him off) to our families and smiling for the camera.  I had no idea tigers were so happy! 
Thanks to mausi for finding him the perfect costume!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Best Birthday to Date!

I've had a lot of great birthday celebrations,  a lot of good times,  drinks, nights out,  memories,  milestones, surprises etc. However,  none surpass my first as a mommy.  It's amazing how special I felt waking up to an adoring husband and a smiley family,  my boys.  Cards (if you know me you know I love cards and getting my first Mommy card was AWESOME), flowers and breakfast from my boys was the perfect start to my 3_ birthday! 

This is a special day,  I have new feelings envoked within me, different from any other year.  I feel truly blessed and incredibly lucky. I loved spending the day with my boys.

The evening brought my siblings and best friends to come by cut my favorite cake from Breka!  Hubby chilled and had me pop some Dom (then thanked me for agreeing to be sober for a year). Had a few sips...not a bad way to start my first drink in a year!  Later we all went to our friend's fund raiser for breast cancer (which also counted as Caiden's first event).  Caiden was able to sleep through the noise (didn't need those headphones after all) even when the entire hall sang me happy birthday.  I got tired just before 11 and had to get home...but my party animal baby was wide awake and playing at this time... again just like, well you know how it goes by now.

Ended my day with my baby beside me,  enjoying a cupcake and a glass of milk (in a wine glass). I couldn't have spent it in a better way...and Vick really made it a special one. It's all about feeling loved and holy crap did I! 

Thanks to everyone for all the love and wishes and especially: Vick, Val, Neil and Nashaan, Resh and Rohan and Varsha, Jeff, Greg, Shonika, Priya, Parm, Jeassea and my main homie Caids!

Best Birthday to date!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Got my hands full but I love it

Remember back before Caiden was born?  I had a hunch I was having a boy, but more importantly just had a feeling the baby was going to be "just like daddy".  Well I was right,  so far.

Caiden sleeps just like daddy.  Caiden looks just like daddy (but he has my dimple). Caiden snores, a bit, just like daddy.  Caiden tosses and turns just like daddy.  Caiden loves to kick his legs just like daddy.  Caiden goes through a tonne of clothes just like daddy.  Caiden wants to be up late and play... you guessed it just like daddy. Lastly, we joke about him being a bit of a diva...hehe just like daddy.

Ohhh boy, now if this trend continues I'm definitely bound to eventually get those greys I've only heard about. I can see it now,  both of them coming to me saying I need this please,  giving me the same cute face no matter what the age difference.  Or attending one's masters soccer game and another's U-something game,  making sure both have their clothes ironed and hair perfectly gelled (yes even for a game).

Truthfully...I love it. It's cute to see my husband turn daddy (no pun intended) and bond with his boy. No matter what, they are both my boys and love them to pieces. 

I am excited for what the future holds for our new family.  I love my boys... hopefully they don't drive me nuts!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peek-a-boo! I'm still here!

Hello friends... it's been a while. 

Life as a new mom is busy but mostly a blur. The days and nights sometimes seem the same and it does fly by while you are in a semi-awake state.  You find yourself amazed that you are able to still shower let alone clean your yes blogging has been difficult.  In fact,  I think,  I know,  I haven't been able to think straight enough to even string together a comprehendable sentence.  My language lately has been "coochy coochy goo boobly woobly woo".  Translation you ask?  The answer is...who knows.

But it's pretty cool folks.  Not glamorous but fricking cool to be a mom. My baby rocks.  Literally I'm rocking him as I write this.

The first month flies by, hubby and I didn't sleep for the first few weeks at all as you spend time trying to figure out what he needs and when.  Also learning what to do, how to do it, and not freaking out takes a few weeks.  Wow...looking back the first 2 weeks were nuts!  Difficult,  trying,  special,  exhausting,  rewarding all in one.  I was lucky to have two moms that helped me with meals and chores, so I could heal and get some rest during the day (and just worry about taking care of Caiden).  By the third week I wanted to take on everything without help, so it was game on in terms of "turning mommy" and being a wife and functioning human on my own around the clock,  24/7.  It's a grind that every new parent can attest to, a life experience to realize how much your parents did to bring us up and that no job compares.  Still cool though guys...if you can believe it. 

With time, however, you start to learn what each cry means. Now, 2 months later,  we can guage it a lot better.  I'm still not sleeping like a bear but we manage, knowing I will be up every 3 hours.  By the way,  whoever says sleep when baby sleeps must have a nanny or not eat, wash, clean; yes I definitely try to "nap" when I can with him,  but when he's out I take advantage and take a shower or do laundry or eat!!!!  You would be amazed at how many times I've felt like I was 22 sneaking in and out of the room after putting him down. 

I think it's fascinating learning about what Caiden wants and bonding with him.  But the coolest is when he smiles and does baby talk.  As tired as you are, you can cuddle And play with him forever.  Thank god for a good baby... So far that is. 

Caiden is super cuddly.  He loves to baby talk,  be held, and loves music and sounds.  He's round and cute and not too fussy.  We have been able to take him shopping,  go for walks, etc.  At 2 months he doesn't have a rock solid schedule,  and of course, because I breastfeed, right now I feel like literally a pair of breasts with legs.  So making plans or going anywhere for too long is not an option.  But I anticipated this and definitely not ready to leave his side. The question is when he is on a schedule,  will I be able to? Shudder the thought,  I'm hooked on my son. 

Anyway,  I'm not going to edit or review this post before I publish... it's raw new mom ramble. 

Also just a quick love shout out to all our family and friends from literally around the globe.  We received so many calls,  visits,  gifts,  and love from everywhere it's been overwhelmingly amazing.  Thank you!!!!!!  Caiden, and the two of us, are so lucky!

Until next time, good night.

Friday, July 26, 2013

My New Love

It's a boy!

I've been a little busy with my son the past few weeks so haven't updated this blog... that's right...Its a boy!

Vick and I welcomed our new baby boy on July 12th at 334am (I told you he was a party animal baby).  We've named him Caiden Sahil Chandra and he truly has stolen our hearts.  Caiden weighed 8lbs 9oz at birth (yes big boy)  just like daddy... ironically Vick was born at 330am (4min difference). He definitely has dad's features, as we suspected, but I know he will continue to change.

Although labour did last over 16 hours all together, he was well worth it.  All the anticipation and wondering when we will meet happened just one day before the set due date. I cannot believe this amazing journey and experience,  and now the real work begins.

Now I have officially turned mommy.  Caiden's mommy.

More posts to come, but for now I'm all about this little guy who has us quite wrapped around his little but long fingers.

Ugh love this guy.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

You never truly know how much mom loves you

A long-time family friend told me recently,  "You never truly realize just how much your mother loves you until you become one yourself."  This is because you instinctively become prone to putting all needs aside and your child's first, no matter how difficult, what the sacrifice or what the consequence... your instinct is to nurture. It can be hard but a mother does it some way some how.  I am not taking away anything from the dads, don't get me wrong, I'm just giving a special mention to moms here.  This bond starts in the womb for a mom as she houses a growing baby that is changing her physically and loves the being causing that.
It's true...
However,  hot dang this heat wave and being in my 39th week is craaaaazy. My feet are really swollen,  uncomfortability is at an all-time high, sleep is tough at night,  going to the bathroom is my new hobby,  and I may be moody (but that's up to interpretation). So this is another reason why I now realize how much mothers love their babies; carrying them for nearly 10 months can be a challenge but well worth it and often repeated.
I loved all my pregnancy and have been lucky but I'm anxious and ready to see my peanut. Mommy is starting to miss her ankles and is driving daddy nuts (for some reason anything he does is so annoying or stupid in my mind).
We are officially one week away from the due date of July 13th. I'm hoping for a tad earlier, but I have a feeling peanut has his/her own agenda and will make their arrival when they are ready...true diva style like daddy (maybe making sure hair is just right).
In the meantime I rest, prep, eat, enjoy good company, walk, read, eat...oh yeah covered that...trying to look cute though I'm definitely not feeling cute, and hope to meet this little buddy of ours. As I do go out or see our family and friends, everyone is super encouraging and making me feel like I am great pregnant. So I realize this is a pivotal time to remember,  as I won't be prego much longer.
Hard to believe the next time I write I may be introducing peanut by name,  I hope!
Waiting.... not so patiently in the heat... let's go baby.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby's first official toy

Some things are just sentimental and cute to remember, for when we look back. Peanut's first stuffed animal is one of those keepsakes, given by big brother/cousin-to-be Nashaan.

Monday, June 17, 2013

And...I'm off

I have started my first official maternity leave, for a year!  What a surreal feeling to step out of the working world you have spent so much time building, and into a world of the unknown. Basically you are preparing for a job you really don't know how to do, with no experience, and no one has screened you for.

My first morning off consisted of me waking up at 630am... looks like it will take me a bit to get used to.  The next day I woke up early again, not as early this time, but decided to, happily, make hubby lunch and plan out what I'm going to cook for dinner...ok I better make sure hubby doesn't get used to that.

I'm a fairly organized person,  well I do project and operational management for a living so I have to be,  so I planned out things I had to do each week. So other than a few things such as washing and putting away my new baby things...I am pretty good to go. Once I finish all that, for the first time ever, I won't really have a scheduled list of things to do.  No list to cross items off of...well I suppose I can create one that lists: have baby,  stay calm, slap hubby so he remains calm, raise kid.  Eeeeeks,  now that makes me nervous yet excited at the same time.

I will be 37 weeks this weekend.  This means the baby can come anytime from now to 3 weeks (more if overdue). So it's so interesting to be here trying to relax,  and for the first time ever just not knowing when to expect what.  Having said all that, my body is happy to be chillaxing...while peanut grows and picks up weight and dances on mommy's bladder.

Now I just enjoy my final weeks of pregnancy before we get to meet our baby and start this new line of work that we hopefully don't screw up! ;)  One thing is for sure,  nervous or not, I already think this new gig, athough may have the steepest learning curve, will be the most rewarding one ever.

I hope.  No....I know ;)

Countdown is on baby poolers!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Showered with Love

It becomes all the bit more real when you experience one of the fun milestones of pregnancy... the baby shower! I was a lucky girl and got spoiled with two!
The first was a surprise at work. I was told to come to an impromptu announcement in the boardroom, when I got there I see a spread of treats prepped by all my co-workers, balloons, gifts, and sparkling cute and touching.  I definitely didn't expect that, given knowing how busy it has been, but meant so much. Also impressive that they surprised me...they are lucky I am so slow that I guess they knew I would take the longest to walk in. Good eats, lovely gifts and a hilarious round of baby is entertaining to watch your new VP have to draw the word "breast pump" in baby Pictionary. A good time and I was moved. This made me further realize what a great team I work with, truly.
My second shower was thrown by my moms and sisters on June 2nd.  It included all our close family and friends...what a turnout!  Everything was so beautiful; the cake - made by Cake Therapy (my sister) was amazing,  the monkey and colourful decor (by my sister-in-law) was so cute as I love monkeys, all the fancy and delicious food and treats brought by everyone, cake pop giveaways also by Cake Therapy, and  of course a room full of all the beautiful ladies in my life... and my cutey patutey nephews and niece. It's an incredible and warm feeling to see those you love do this just for you and all the smiles sharing in on this excitement. Hubby also contributed with his specialty surprise bouquet of gorgeous flowers, which ironically matched my outfit. Prizes and games contributed to the fun, and I can't believe the amazing gifts... everyone went so over the top with prezzies for peanut.  Words cannot express the love and gratitude I felt. What a spectacular day,  thank you,  I cannot say it enough. 
Showered with love, eats, and baby gifts...all looking forward to the arrival of peanut.  We are so fortunate. 
Love you all.

Xoxoxo (times a million)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daddy's Little ?

Well friends, third trimester is a bit different...full of swollen feet, tiring much sooner, uncomfortable sleeps, feeling huge and making things like bending to pick up something a challenge. Also, much to my amazement, pregnancy brain is a real phenomenon!

However, some of the most amazing things happen too.

Peanut moves a tonne, and on top of just feeling kicks, you can literally see this munchkin moving about, often what looks like a jump! The craziest is when one night I felt this lump, hard, just on one side; sure enough I found out that was peanut's head, hubby freaked out...I must admit very trippy indeed. Sometimes I can see my belly stick out on one side when peanut is chilling in a particular area. I often catch myself just staring at my belly, wondering "hmm what are you going to do next?"  I know I'm a freak, but I love this entertainment.

Now interestingly enough do you know when peanut is most active? You guessed hour, late night, shutting the club down time, hence why I'm blogging so late. Dancing or "ripping it" in mommy's belly, clearly, this is Vick Jr. So with peanut already kicking up a storm and ripping it, boy or girl, we may have trouble, and some kleats to buy. Oh just like Daddy it seems.

We decided to try a 3D ultrasound. A very cool experience, which I definitely recommend. So after we pay for this and go in and see peanut live...this homeboy/girl decides to sleep! My party animal baby was all curled up, hands and feet covering its face, not wanting to move at all. We tried to wake peanut and managed to see, only for a bit, the face, a big yawn, and eyes open and close! Amazing! But sure enough peanut didn't want to move and back to comfortable sleep he/she went. Stubborn and sleeping in weird positions...also just like Daddy.

I wonder what traits of mine peanut will have? So far my baby is really resembling hubby, but time will tell.  I guess I better rest, I may have my hands full very soon.

7-10 Weeks left...tick tock.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Energy Flowing

To me life is about energy, the flow of it, removing the negative, cultivating the positive, and keeping that flowing. It can be a challenge but the trick is to find those that contain positive energy, and making time to spend with them.

I wanted to remember this day as one massive surge of positive energy.

I woke up to my loving husband, who explained to me how I was crazy last night, not that I remember, but his sweetness made me want to just hug him and apologize. He then spent the morning making me laugh and gave me shopping mula just for me...positive energy times 2. My day continued with brunch with a friend and hubby, a walk at the farmers market, then a shopping trip with my mother in law. After a catnap, my brother came over to pick me up to hang out with him my mom and my grandmother. Last but not least I finished my day with a heart warming visit from my sister and my cousins, complete with cupcakes and them relishing in  excitement over peanut kicking. On top of that, through the whole day, I got messages or calls from other friends and family sending me love or just seeing how i'm feeling.
Yes, lots of love...the best type of energy.
As i'm getting ready for bed, I feel so fortunate, blessed and happy. I truly have a loving supporting network of people.  It is true that you will, at times in your life, have to learn what connections in your life foster the best energy for you, and rid yourself of situations creating anything but that. I feel content that my journey, thus far, has landed me in the circles of some amazing people. Just seeing and hearing from a few of those people today reminded me of how lucky I am, and how lucky our baby will be to be born into a network of love and good energy.

Peanut, you are going to be so don't even know.

Love you all...xoxo

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I received this basket of pregnancy pampering goodies from my lovely chocolate, fuzzy blanket, nighty, pop chips, cocoa butter, hot water bottle and more. I used everything and then stored all my pregnancy books in the basket.
Thanks ladies! Xoxo

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hello again friends!

Well time seems to be flying by. I'm now 23 weeks, which means i'm almost done my second trimester...crazy I know.

Now i'm not sure exactly what the term "glowing" really means in pregnancy, but if it means happy and overall enjoying pregnancy, then i'm glowing.  I don't mean to say that there aren't some tough parts, because there are; shortness of breath, sometimes restless nights, occasional sciatica (holy ouch), mood swings (according to hubby, I'm sure he could start his own blog just on crazy stories about me). Despite that, however, I feel really excited and loving this growing experience, and luckily I truly do feel good most of the time. People were not joking when they said that this trimester would be good, so I tried to make the most of it, and got in spa days, and even went to an Alicia Keys concert. I'm also fortunate as I've been hearing positive things overall too. It makes me all warm and fuzzy when I hear people excited for us, but most of all when I feel my baby move!

That's right...peanut is a kickin'.

I felt what seemed like a pulsation last weekend, march 9th around 3am to be exact, and from then on have been getting that fluttery feeling I've heard about, along with actual kicks! Hubby's able to feel it also...coolest thing ever, hands down!

So I don't know if I'm "glowing" physically, that's opinion I suppose. But I sure feel like I am glowing emotionally, simply based on the way I feel connected to this developing and moving child of ours. Love this peanut.

I also know there are sleepless nights ahead, in a few short months, and some life changes so I guess I'm trying to enjoy everything about this journey.

3rd trimester...please be good.

Here we go...xoxo

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mind Blowing

I love roller coasters, ever since I was little…they're thrilling, scary and adventurous.  The dips make your stomach churn, the escalation builds suspense, and that moment cradling the top is reflection – reflection of what may occur next, because, well, it can be unpredictable. I think roller coasters and I have had an affinity, because it emulates life.  The good thing is, it’s a ride, and there is always an ending and a sense of walking away thinking “hmm, that was rough, but I know I could handle it”.

I think February was just that, one giant roller coaster…

To re-cap, in exact order: 
·         my brother got ill and ended up in a hospital for 2 weeks :(
·         then my mother in law got ill :(
·         then my brother came home :)
·         my baby brother graduated with his degree :)
·         I had my second ultrasound :)
·         my sister turned 30 :)
·         then my mother in law got really ill :(
·         one of my nephews turned 1 :)
·         my grandma had a mild stroke :(
·         I went to the doctor, heard baby’s heartbeat again as well as them kicking away :)    

Yes a tiring and long list, and I left out stuff like trying my first Romers burger, being there for some friends that went through a tough time, work stress, an amazing Valentine’s day from my hubby, and the buckets of rain we experienced this month (I am so over the rain by the way, seriously).  Nonetheless, I think it’s easy to see my point…life is full of ups and downs, some expected and some definitely not, just like a roller coaster.  We can’t control what will happen next, or how something will turn out, the only thing you can control is how you perceive the situation and what your attitude will be.  Oh yeah, and to hold on tight! 

Because I’m pregnant, my close friends and family were afraid of me getting stressed out because of my nature to take on “too much”.  Knowing all that was happening, I had numerous people checking on me to ensure I was getting enough rest or not stressing.  To be honest…I was expecting to crack, but I didn’t.  I took each thing as it came, good or bad, celebrated or planned, and somehow managed to still make myself a priority, and (a big and) keep my cool.  I know why…it’s because of peanut, obviously.  I know he/she is depending on me to be good to myself first and foremost, to accept what’s happening and be happy nonetheless. 

Here's why friends...

Have you ever experienced a meal that tastes so good, you can’t bear to chew because that intense flavor you want to last forever?  Or how about the first time you hear “I love you” from your true love, heightened emotions because you are so ecstatic from the thrill that this is what you have been waiting for?  Well seeing your baby on a screen moving, having limbs, a heartbeat and a brain is one million times more intense than that!!!  Truly mind blowing!!! Everything I do, everything I eat, and every emotion I choose affects this child right now. Things will not always be peachy keen, roses, lilies and butterflies, there are times of utter chaos, agony and fear.  There will always be downs, but the ups are so worth it!  Couple that with anticipation…anticipation that one day I’m going to get to hold and look at this baby, anticipation of what is to come next.  So life is just unpredictable, but you take the dips with the highs and be ok with not always knowing what’s to come.  Just like a roller coaster.

Pardon the gender friendly terms, but we ended up deciding to not find out.  Honestly, after seeing the baby on screen I just stopped caring about knowing anything more, and just taking everything as it comes.  So you will know when we do!

Stay tuned, talk to you very soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maternity doesn't have to be boring...

I love adding a few accessories to make a simple outfit dazzle, these are some great finds at Forever 21, affordable and adds that extra mmpfh to make a cute/clean maternity look. 
Check out non-maternity stores for will be surprised.  From H&M, to TopShop, Old Navy and many more...explore.
I love the maxi look, cute but also chique, perfect for comfort and style.
Ideas for summer wear...

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Whoa baby!

I'm now 17 weeks, doesn't sound like a lot in the grand scope...but sure does look like it. My belly is round, hips are big, and according to my mother, my cheeks are "chubby chubby ohhhh sooo cute."

I am really paying attention to taking care of peanut, eating well, yoga, but I have read that weight gain is varied for each woman...often depending on genetics. I'm Fijian Indian, genetics is not so kind in that department. If you don't you know.

Having said all that, I'm actually enjoying this growth. I feel it's confirmation my peanut is growing, because I am. 

Maternity wear is a must now, though must still be cute...obviously. Just because I feel like a house doesn't mean I have to look like it....umm all the time. I have a tonne of new tops, some cute tunics. Something is missing though...oh yeah I have yet to get pants! So I have all these tops, that hubby and mom have got me, but no pants...awkward. I rock tights most of the time, but I'm feeling less tired and lazy these days, so my first time shopping myself for preggers gear is today. I'm excited!

I've been told the second trimester is the best, so I plan to take advantage. I'm also told that soon I will start feeling baby move. Hasn't happened yet, but apparently around this time it will be subtle, like butterflies. So I lay awake sometimes, super still, super quiet (I have no idea why in my mind that would make any difference, it doesn't). Nothing yet, but I will be sure to keep you posted.

Until next time friends!

Love peanut and peanut's house (I mean mom)

Sunday, January 13, 2013


First off I feel the need to apologize (though not many know of this blog yet so I'm not sure who I'm apologizing to) for my lack of blogging recently. What I have learned is that the first trimester can make you extremely tired and well...lazy. Not that I'm complaining, it beats morning sickness. My peanut has been good to me...thank you baby.

Now to the good stuff...

Pregnancy is surreal. I find myself growing at lightning speed. So anyone who didn't know, could tell. I'm definitely modeling a fresh "baby bump", which I rock with pride. I can't feel peanut yet, but I tell myself he/she can feel I rub the bump...and talk to it. This is what makes it surreal, right here: I see myself change, I can't feel anything, yet I'm so attached.

Hubby has transitioned to daddy mode. It's so endearing and funny at the same time. Because my bump is evident, if I cough, squirm, sneeze, move, he jumps up and says "whaaat, is baby ok?" 
Yes baby is fine, it's just me...I'm fine too, thanks love. This has its perks though, I forget what it's like to clean as hubby does it all. Hmmm the "P" card really does work.

So what have I been up to? In a nutshell: the holidays, prenatal yoga, work, new maternity clothes and sleeping. I'm listening to myself and the advice of my sisters and getting all the rest I need before peanut makes their debut and I forget that verb all together. So far so good.

First trimester is over.