Thursday, June 30, 2016

What I Learned Series: Reflections on Many Moms

What a whirlwind of a week it has been. I feel so humbled, educated and a little overwhelmed.

Normally,  I am interviewing and writing about a mom that has some great insights to share at this time.  However, this month,  with the busyness that is my life right now,  I haven't been able to.  But it's a good thing.  I feel I need to share my learnings this month.

It has been all about moms.

I attended the Vancouver Mom Top Bloggers event.
What an amazing group of women to be a part of.  I was humbled and inspired to be amongst so many mothers,  each of whom find time and passion to write, run a business,  or be risk takers and explore. I met so many people who I hope to either collaborate with,  and grow friendships with.  Some have met through these networking events and formed business partnerships or great bonds.

I find it amazing,  moms do so much,  but it's so important to stay true to yourself and not lose your sense of self.  Be passionate, be driven, try out new things,  and be happy doing what you want to do.
Another amazing thing I learned from this event,  the nature of women to support one another.  Not one person was not smiling,  and so many open up about working together.  We are all trying to gain exposure one way or the other,  and each wants to promote not only themselves,  but the work other moms are doing to. 

It really showed me, as I embark on a new writing/consulting journey myself, that I can do keep propeling, dreaming and don't look back. 
I learned that having my kids is my muse, but me writing and working is my self. 

A friend's mom passed away and I attended her celebration of life.
Such a sombre time for some close and dear friends of ours. We lost a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, who was beyond words of a woman.  Her life was full of travels, determination,  philanthropy, passion and hospitality. 
I was so sad to hear that cancer ravaged her body, this woman who was one of the nicest most thought-provoking women I have ever met. The disease did its course and caused her to leave a beautiful family behind,  along with a legacy of wisdom. 

As I watched the sideshow of her life, heard her stories and listened to her friends, I thought, "wow, this woman lived. We are all alive but are we all living? April English truly lived". What an inspiration  and a kick to look in the direction of positivity and light...always.

I wanted to highlight a few key things I learned and felt from this celebration of life.

April had kept a diary through her whole life, I guess a blog for back then, and it chronicled her learnings as a mother. As extraordinary of a woman and leader she was, she was a mom first and foremost, and learned as she went. She didn't always have the answers but she read, she took advice and she tried her best. There was one entry she described said to walk away if angry and be consistent and fair, that the kids are frustrated too because they are learning too.  Even while leaving, she leaves sound advice for any mom with toddlers...I needed that advice currently. I don't want to always be yelling, and the kids will be the long run.

I learned that life is beautiful and we can all make a difference. It is easy to get caught up in the stress and hardships, but there is always a rainbow...always. She was a single mother of twin boys, she raised those boys to men, had a plethora of traveled adventures all over the world, she worked hard and she started clubs and gave back to the community. How did she do all that? Patience and following her heart. She wanted to see the world,  so she did.  She wanted to have family time,  so she did. She wanted to discuss important issues and make a difference,  so she did. 
We all must, not forget we are all in control of our happiness and goals. There is nothing stopping us. No need to wait for things to come to you,  go out and get it. Happiness is not a destination,  it's  knowing who you are,  not shielding it and acting on it.

Lastly, love. With all that is wrong with the world,  love does conquer all. The love people have for this woman resonated so loudly.  So love...always, no matter what, even in times of hardship, still love.

I got in some quality time with both my mom and my mother in law.
It is rare, that I get to spend time with both moms. I often worry about both,  their health,  them not always putting themselves first, them stressing secretly about all of us, no matter how grown we get.  Then it hit me.  They are still moms.  They always will have this inate nature to mother us, care for us, even before themselves,  even if we don't need it. 

Both women came to Canada with little to no family, alone and meeting new people,  and went through tremendous hardships; ones I will not fathom or ever have to endure. But here they are, pushing their grandchildren in strollers, laughing,  making travel plans (that may or may not come to fruition), then having tea and watching crappy Indian soap operas. They had a great day. It was a simple day, but no housework, no stress, no taking care of anyone,  just being in the moment.  Moms, well my moms, have lived their whole life taking care of others that sometimes, it takes them a while to put themselves first. Often they need a push to do so. A simple day out is needed every now and then. For every mom, old or new, tired or not.

I take these "time-outs" for granted as they have always been available all my life, but as I am so attached to my babies, I see it is easy to put yourself on the back burner at times.  I learned to just make sure you do check in on yourself too. I am so lucky,  I have that option. And I remembered to treat my own moms too, because they deserve it.

So there you have it ladies, a lot of reflections. And, as always, a lot of learnings. 

Love. Live. Laugh.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Princess & Pirate Tea Party by the Children's Wish Foundation - A Chance to Win Tickets!

I am so thrilled to be able to speak to you all about this amazing event coming up.  Not only is it for a wonderful organization, it is a beautiful event, one that is inspiring and needs to be talked about.

This is a fun-filled afternoon, fit for a princess or pirate. It gives parents and families the chance to dress-up, have some high tea treats, but most of all enjoy a large array of activities, including makeovers, face painting, meeting princesses and pirates, arts & crafts and just a tonne of family fun! Not only is it a fun thing to do with your kids, but it is a great cause. This event, is an opportunity to give to the Children's Wish, and each year this event showcases a particular child's story.  This year, the story of Layla is told.  A young girl, battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia, who wishes to go to Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii. Proceeds from this event will be going to help Layla's wish become a reality.

About Children's Wish
Children's Wish is a uniquely Canadian charity, that focuses on granting heartfelt wishes of children who are diagnosed with a high risk, life-threatening illness. Since 1984, they have granted nearly 25000 wishes! These wishes aim to help the children and their families momentarily escape the challenges of living with their disease and the ongoing medical issues, as well as provide renewed hope, a hope for something of the future. They are not affiliated with any other wish granting organization, and receive no operational government funding. Funding is entirely provided by the community's generosity. To learn more about the organization and/or to donate directly, please click here. - Childrens Wish Princess Pirate Tea Party

The Children's Wish Foundation, is hosting a Princess & Pirate Tea Event, on July 10th.  This is being held at Cascades Casino Convention Centre Resort, 20393 Fraser Highway, Langley, from  11:30am – 2:00pm.

Tickets: $25 per person – and can be purchased by visiting:

or contacting: or 778-383-1411

I will be giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner as well.  Comment below, or on any of the posts on my social media about the event. I will draw the winner on July 3, 2016.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the event planners, and got some insight on the event, the organization.  Please take the time to read the interview and learn about this amazing event. Tickets are still for sale, so please purchase them.

How long has the Children's Wish Foundation been running the Princess & Pirate Tea Event?
This year is the fifth year we’ve hosted a Princess & Pirates Tea Party in Langley, but the event has been going on for many years across the country. This event is a favourite with our supporters and we are thrilled to host it year after year!

Can you tell me a little about what the event represents and what makes it so special for so many?
The Princess & Pirates Tea Party is a wonderful opportunity for young princesses and pirates, and their families, to put on their favourite gown or captain’s hat for an afternoon of fun! All proceeds from the event help us to grant the most heartfelt wishes of local kids with high risk, life-threatening illnesses, so it is also a wonderful chance for kids to learn the joys of supporting a worthy cause.

How do you highlight a child's story? Or choose a child's story to showcase?
As you can imagine, we see lots of moving, powerful stories every day at Children’s Wish. This year, the funds raised from the Princess & Pirates Tea Party will help grant Layla’s wish, a local Langley child. At 20 months old she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and her intense medical treatment took a large toll on the whole family.
Now, Layla is a strong and healthy five year old. She is excited for her upcoming wish to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii, her first vacation with her family! Layla is an inspiring little girl from the community and is a fantastic face for the children whose lives will be positively impacted by the Princess & Pirates Tea Party.

What can guests expect on the day of?
Guests at the event can visit our Princess Parlour for a royal makeover and meet some of their favourite fairy tale princesses live in person! They will see a magician, acrobats and clowns and can sample delicious treats during high tea. Pirates are also welcome and encouraged to attend. They can follow the treasure map and meet some real life bandits and buccaneers.
We will have some fun new activities at this year’s event including face painting, airbrush tattoos, an open-air photo booth, and craft and colouring stations. There will also be a silent auction with lots of fun items for the whole family!

How can people get involved with this organization in general and this event specifically?
We’d love to see Turning Mommy readers get involved by attending our Princess & Pirates Tea Party for an afternoon of enchantment!
There are many ways that people can get involved with Children’s Wish. We pride ourselves on the fact that anyone can refer a child. If you know a child aged 3 to 17 years old with a high risk, life-threatening illness, they might be eligible for a wish.
We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help out at our special events. While all volunteer positions for our Princess & Pirates Tea Party are currently full, we have plenty of other upcoming volunteer opportunities. Alternatively, why not host a community fundraising event to help us grant more wishes? We’d love to hear from you!

I have no doubt this will be a fun-filled event, and urge you to get your tickets today! 
Contact Children's Wish Foundation, for more information, tickets to to get involved here.
 Also, remember to comment here or on my social media posts for a chance to win a pair of tickets! - Childrens Wish Princess Pirate Tea Party - Childrens Wish Princess Pirate Tea Party

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chronicles of Planning a First Birthday Party

So I love planning.  I really do.  I love organizing, thinking of the details, brainstorming ideas, and entertaining.
Definitely kids birthdays can be stressful, without a doubt. However, because a first is caught in the middle of wanting to make it special and the child themselves not remembering it, you must decide for yourself how elaborate you want to get.

For me, we have lots of kids in our lives, so it's a chance to throw a themed, fun-filled event for our close friends and family.   I chose to do a theme,  we wanted to make it a daytime party with entertainment.  We plan to keep it fairly low key for the next couple of birthdays, then at age 4 or 5, I am sure birthday parties will be a regular occurrence with their own school friends. Therefore, I love having fun with a theme of my liking for their first.

For Caiden's, we did a fairly large BBQ party at a park which had playgrounds and water park. The party was Curious George themed. We had tonnes of food, pinata, cake, cupcakes, goodie bags, freezies, candy jars and a picture frame for photo fun. I had fun tying in blue and yellow colours and the theme into the details. It was a lot of work but it was awesome!

So now it was Rayna's turn! I still can't believe she is one!

So as it turned out awesome, I thought to chronicle some of the party ideas/planning.

Keeping it girly, I chose to do a pink and purple butterfly theme.

Next nail down all the logistics...venue, day and time, and guest list.
For Rayna's, we went back and forth between community halls, parks or at the house. We decided on the house, BBQ with kids entertainment provided.

This time, I set down to create my own invites. You can purchase or do an evite. I chose to create mine using Canva. I printed a few and others I sent digitally as a picture or a pdf.  Cute huh?

Decor and Items
Next I turned to my friend Google.  I ordered most of the decorations, plates, napkins, candles, loot bags and more from Party City. So easy.  I figured I will set this as the tone and get pink and purple balloons items also to complete the look.  It worked out great and didn't break the bank in decor...thankfully. 
I really wanted to have as much as pink and purple and butterflies all about. We did butterfly banners, and scene setters and cutouts on the walls, butterfly helium balloons and a lot of plain pink and purple balloons from Vancouver Balloons.
Turning Mommy: Sweet girl birthday
Sample of the decor, plates from Party City

It's a kids birthday, so no need to go insane with complex food. We had tonnes of snacks, such as fresh fruit platter, veggies and dip, chips, samosas, popcorn, juice.  For lunch we had food catered by South Hall, which was amazing. Our lunch menu had noodles, chicken, kebabs, baked chicken wings, pasta salad and a green salad.  I should say our guests did also include a fair number of adults too.

My favourite thing to plan is the cake/dessert table. 
The super cute cake was made by Cake Therapy, matched the decor to a tee.

Turning Mommy cake therapy butterfly birthday cake - photo by searching for moments
Butterfly cake by Cake Therapy
My Pink Whisk created super cute mini cupcakes adorned with pink and purple butterflies.
Turning Mommy My Pink Whisk butterfly cupcakes - photo by searching for moments
Cupcakes by My Pink Whisk
I found mini butterfly boxes and filled each with sweet popcorn.  I also placed mason jars with pink and purple candies.
Turning Mommy sweet table butterfly birthday - photo by searching for moments

Turning Mommy sweet table butterfly birthday - photo by searching for moments

Lastly, I stayed up late making butterfly sugar cookies (the cookies were not tough, the decorating....yikes).  All in all, it was perfect and so cute. 
Turning mommy butterfly cookies homemade - photo by Searching For Moments
My attempt at making butterfly sugar cookies, royal icing is tougher than it looks!

We had hired Par-T- Perfect and they handled all the entertainment and were the best! Kids enjoyed the bouncy castle, face painting  and balloon artistry! All that and we also set up a cookie decorating station also.  I think the kids had a blast and that's all we wanted.
turning mommy birthday party face painting par-t-perfect

turning mommy birthday party bounce castle par-t-perfect

Other Little Touches
The best part was Rayna's cute outfit.  I got her the cutest tee and tutu combo from TuTu Boutique.
turning mommy - first birthday tutu purple

I had a month to month board, that I made.  I pasted each picture I took of her on her monthly birthday on a large canvas, so we could look at how she grew over the year.

We had a small digital frame around the cake table area, where I uploaded pictures through the past year of Rayna, some with us, some with Caiden, but really cute and pictures we loved.

We also had a large cardboard frame, so people could pose and have fun photo opps.

As the party wound down, I handed out the goodie bags. A butterfly bag filled with colourful butterfly noise makers, bubbles, play-do, fun straw, sunglasses, and a lollipop. I love picking items I know kids will enjoy and it seemed to be the case.
Turning Mommy - Goodie bag birthday preparation
Rayna helping me assemble the goodie bags for her friends and family.

I couldn't have had it gone better, I was so happy my vision for a cute girly but well enjoyed birthday was achieved.
Now it's done, but next year and coming years...I think we will just take them to the zoo and I will likely not bake again. 

Check out the awesome vendors I had the pleasure of working with below.  Also, if you want to discuss party planning...please contact me directly. In addition to writing services, I do the occasional event coordination and happy to help.  

Turning Mommy - First birthday by Searching for Moments
This girl enjoying being the centre of it all, what a great memory captured by Searching for Moments.

Turning Mommy first birthday butterfly pink and purple theme - photo by searching for moments

Turning Mommy first birthday butterfly pink and purple theme - photo by searching for moments

Turning Mommy first birthday butterfly pink and purple theme - photo by searching for moments

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Beautiful Baby Gifts by Aston Baby

I am always looking for baby gifts. It seems, lately, someone I know is having a baby or about to have a baby. I love buying useful stuff, but that are pretty and nice at the same time, and make you say "awe." However, often enough, I do find myself in the store thinking, ok this is not on the registry, or I wonder if they will know this is useful, or this is not as "pretty" as a gift as I would like to present.

I recently found a website, that literally takes all the guess-work out of getting the most beautiful of baby gifts. Gentle, angelic, warm, are the words I would use to describe my new favourite baby gift website.  If you are looking for a beautiful site to purchase some of the cutest, and most elegant gifts for a baby, I think you need to check out Aston Baby.
Visiting the site gives you an airy and smile-worthy feeling, it is warm and inviting.

Owner, Rebecca, mom to two little girls, wanted to create a space where anyone can find some of the best products around.  She carefully has hand-picked some great items, that create a wonderful gift.

You can purchase items on its own, however, one of the things I love most are the pre-set gift bundles. These are items that go together to create a well-rounded present, if you choose to purchase all together. Best of all, each bundle comes with a free gift box, wrapped in tissue, ready to gift away.

I am sure this site will grow in time, but here are the gift bundles currently available...

Go West Baby Gift Bundle
bib, book, leather mocs for the little boy you love to awesome gift no doubt

Bath Time Deluxe Gift Bundle
everything you need to make bath-time fun, including a beautiful bin and ducky!

Beautiful Basics Gift Bundle
every baby needs a muslin blanket, that and a gorgeous bib, you can't go wrong

Dainty Darling Gift Bundle
takes the beautiful basics a step further, with a scrub bar and really darling book (I love all the books on this site)

I had the pleasure of receiving a package from Aston Baby. I loved opening it and have no doubt I will be back on the site to gift these to a friend, and to stock up myself.

The gift box itself is simple elegance, in it a cute sprig of lavender.

Turning Mommy: Aston Baby online gift box

I absolutely love these reversible Boho bibs, made by Billy Bibs. How cute...seriously?
Turning Mommy Aston baby online gift - Billy bib boho

I was excited to try this coconut & oat milk bath by bebe de Luxe.
Turning Mommy Aston baby online gift - bebe de luxe bath coconut oat milk
This bath smelled amazing, was gentle to the touch, and great in Rayna's bath. I admit, I tried it also and loved it.
Turning Mommy Aston baby online gift - bebe de luxe bath coconut oat milk

These were just a couple products, but urge you to check out the entire site. Rebecca at Aston Baby, has a real nack for picking out some wonderful products. 

I am sure your friends will love any of the gifts from here.  
I know I do!

Start shopping at Aston Baby here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Top 5 Things No New Mom Wants to Hear

As a new mom, it is common to pick the brains of those that have recently gone through the newborn phase, or those you trust. However, sometimes, ok almost always, you are faced with a plethora of advice that comes your way. Some warranted. Some overwhelming. Some just annoying.

For some reason, there are always women that decide to offer up some tidbits upon new mothers, which is frankly not advice at all. Unlike actual advice, these come as question pangs as they are sometimes coupled with an undertone of “well you aren’t doing it right.” Although not ill intended, I'm sure, sometimes people feel nervous for new moms, which is crazy because new moms are nervous for themselves enough. 

We all have been there, on the receiving end. But how do you avoid becoming one of those annoying women that people really don’t want to hear from, well that new moms don’t.

Here are some of the things a new mom does not want to hear. If she didn't ask, try to refrain from offering up these tips or asking these questions. If you do, you may have gotten an eye roll, or a finger behind your back, or told the “we won’t be home” if you have asked to visit again.

The top 5 list of things not to say to a new mom, and what the new mom is likely thinking is as follows:

Why is the baby crying?
It is a baby right? That is what they do…right? I'm just trying to figure it out myself, because I haven’t met a newborn that can articulate what it needs yet. But thanks for asking genius.

Is your breast milk in yet? Maybe you should give formula.
Ok, my nurse told me it takes a bit. But don’t you worry, when I am filling up or spewing liquid I will call you to ensure you I am not starving my child. Please go away now.

Oh when Charlie was a baby we used to give him honey.
Ok Charlie is 29. I am sure some things have changed since Charlie was a baby. But then again what does my medical doctor know...I should listen to you. 

You look tired.
___ off. 

Oh I'm sure you will lose the weight.
I didn't ask. I don't care right now. Why do you?

These are some of the most common things, I heard, or heard from colleagues.  As a new mom, you have to learn to roll your eyes and laugh about it. You cannot take it too personally. 

As a person visiting a new mom, please, pretty please try your best not to annoy a newly tired woman who is just learning the ropes. You may mean well, but trust me, you will be labeled as “that aunt” or “that friend” or “that former friend”. 

All in good humour of course ;)

So tell me, what are some of the best/funniest or flat out worst things you may have heard? 

Monday, June 6, 2016

To Rayna - Happy Birthday

With almond shaped eyes, when you smile your whole face glows.
I can't get enough of that sweet face, those hands, those toes.

You laugh an infectious giggle that brings us so much joy.
It is no wonder that the laughing duck is your favourite toy.

You love to cuddle and be held in our embrace.
I love to kiss you all over that cute cute face.

You are our angel, a blessing, and we thank God everyday.
For you and your brother are the best gifts, is not enough to say.

I love dressing you up and making you girly.
I love to do your hair even though it's so curly.

I cannot describe the love I have for you my beautiful baby girl.
But I hope we show you by trying to give you all that you ever need and want in this world.

Happy first birthday sweetheart.

Love mommy, daddy, and your big brother Caiden.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"What I Have Learned" Series - Featured Mommy: Emily Payne

Emily seems like a super-mom, she wears a few hats, and momma to 3. Her gorgeous kids are Jake - 6, Mick - 4, and Natalia - 2. With three little ones, a busy career, she definitely has her hands full on a daily basis; however, this smiling beauty never seems frazzled, but assures us that all moms have their moments...and that is ok.

Career-wise, Emily has always loved interior design.  She works for the Federal Government with the Accommodations Unit, where she facilitates the fit-up and design of office spaces, coordinates moves and projects - basically an interior designer for the government.  She does this part-time, and in other work she has her own business, Emily by Design.  Here she does residential design, mainly for newly constructed homes (everything from the ground up), and has been doing so for the past 10 years.  If you are interested in getting in touch with Emily for interior design, please visit her link here.

Aside from work, kids and general life, Emily and her husband, Josh, learned that their middle child, Mick, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in December 2014. Adjusting to life with diabetes, and learning to take care and manage it for their little boy isn't enough for this family.  They are active in the juvenile diabetes community by creating awareness to the cause and fundraising for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, so that hopefully one day we will find a cure.  Please see Mick's story here and please donate to the cause.      

Here is my interview with this amazing mom.

Did you always know you wanted to be a mom?
I never really thought about it like that, it was just one of those things that was never a question.  I knew I was going to be a mom someday, after marriage comes baby...just a natural next step. 

What would you say is your biggest learning since being a mom?
Patience. I sometimes get frustrated and feel like nothing is getting through to the kids, "don't swear, don't put your hands there, stop doing that."  I sometimes feel like I am just on repeat and don't see the results that way.  As the kids grew, I kind of see that things just have a way of coming to fruition.  If you keep with the lessons, keep speaking and showing them, it eventually just works out...I hope...they are still young. 

What was the hardest about transitioning to mommyhood?
Personally, I found this was a big life adjustment. I used to be so caught up in keeping the house clean and entertaining at home, and at times this was a priority over spending time with my kids or napping when they were, as newborns. It was a complete mind-shift for me, which made the transition to motherhood easier. For example, we would be having a party at home, and it would be time for another feeding, and I would think, "oh shoot, I have to leave the party to go nurse for 45 minutes." But instead of looking at it that way, I had to turn it into a positive, like "oh I get a break from everyone and I get some quiet time with just me and my baby;" everything made more sense after that.  I wish someone had told me that before, and that it is ok, that life does change. I wasn't a natural mom, as people say, I had to learn everything, so it took me a while to adjust, and I feel like I still am adjusting, even after 3! However, once you do, everything, although different, is totally ok.

What is your favourite thing to do with your children?
I love quiet time.  When I can just sit and snuggle with them, or read a book.  Because they are getting older, they are always on the go, playing and running.  So it's nice to be able to have them close to me, when we are silent and just cuddle...I take that in.  The peaceful moments mean so much...the most.

How do you balance work, family and hobbies?
I don't even know.  It just works out. I don't feel too stressed about it to be honest. I do what I can, and can only do what I can do. I try my best and don't stress about it.  I also have an incredibly supportive husband, who is one of the most amazing dads I know, also parents who are there for us at a drop of a hat.   
I don't have too much time for hobbies right now, but I do love real-estate and always have my eye on exactly what is going on in the housing market in our area. It's all so exciting to me. I would also love to find time again to travel in the future. Particularly, I love Croatia, it's where my family is from and I grew up going there in the summers. I want my kids to see that and learn about their background. So I try to speak it to them and tell them stuff, so that they know.

What advice would you give to new moms?
Don't worry so much about all the typical entertaining/cleaning duties, that you may have been used to.  You don't have to keep things perfect.  The most important thing is to focus on the kids and yourself and relationships.  That thing they say about sleep when the baby sleeps, people say it but don't always do it!  Don't take that time to clean or do errands, especially when you are exhausted.  Take those naps when you can!  Don't worry about messes, in the long run, that's not what matters.

Is there any item or anything in general you would say is a must-have or must-do for parents?
A rocking chair in the nursery!  I didn't think I needed one, but we got one of those gliders from a friend and loved it.  I don't know what I would've done without it.  That thing is like perfect for snuggling, it's awesome.  I 100% recommend it.

I was very excited about sharing Emily's interview with you all, for various reasons.  One reason being, I know so many can relate to her honesty, her warmth as a mom, and also be inspired...inspired to accept things you need to do, want to do, cannot do or should relax on. It always helps to know we aren't alone in thinking we feel overwhelmed some days, but Emily reminds us that it's not worth stressing about, just adjust and enjoy.

Please remember to visit the family's page for raising awareness for Juvenile Diabetes by clicking here.

Turning Mommy Emily Payne Interview
Emily with her family, husband Josh, Sons Jake and Mick, and Daughter Natalia
Turning Mommy Emily Payne Interview
Emily and her little loves