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At first, this blog was just a simple way to chronicle my journey of being pregnant and starting "mommy-hood".  However, as it continued onwards through raising my son and having my daughter, it is now a fun-loving way to capture my thoughts, feelings, and learnings of my life, as a mom.

But that's not all it is.

With a background in health, specifically in food and nutrition, I strive to share healthy tips on food with kids and creating easy recipes for my family.  I want to motivate moms to be healthier.  This includes health and food, but also sharing things I learn about easy and manageable ways to take care of your own needs.  Furthermore, it's a space to find a way to feel you are not alone, to laugh at the craziness of parenting, and to get some tidbits about parenting and raising kids.  Learning and sharing together, if you will.

Overall, Turning Mommy, the blog,  is a space to share all things positive about motherhood.

Turning mommy hopefully speaks to other moms, as I know it is not always glamorous, nor easy...but hopefully as rewarding as I find it to be.  I love to express myself through writing here, and it warms my heart to hear other people relate or tell me they love reading anything here.

So, I hope you enjoy reading as much I love writing and can take something from here.  I hope you either want to try something, or something here makes your day a little more chill, and hopefully give you a chuckle...or a good healthy cry.

Love to all the moms out there!


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