Monday, June 6, 2016

To Rayna - Happy Birthday

With almond shaped eyes, when you smile your whole face glows.
I can't get enough of that sweet face, those hands, those toes.

You laugh an infectious giggle that brings us so much joy.
It is no wonder that the laughing duck is your favourite toy.

You love to cuddle and be held in our embrace.
I love to kiss you all over that cute cute face.

You are our angel, a blessing, and we thank God everyday.
For you and your brother are the best gifts, is not enough to say.

I love dressing you up and making you girly.
I love to do your hair even though it's so curly.

I cannot describe the love I have for you my beautiful baby girl.
But I hope we show you by trying to give you all that you ever need and want in this world.

Happy first birthday sweetheart.

Love mommy, daddy, and your big brother Caiden.



  1. Your daughter is really cute dear and I am glad that you shared her pictures here. Last week, my little princess also turned 1 and I threw a small family party for her birthday at best venues Chicago. We all had fun time there and my little girl really enjoyed there.

    1. Happy Birthday to your little girl! It is so special to celebrate. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


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