Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bucket Fun List for Toddlers

I pretty much always have a mental note of what our next activity or playground adventure should be with Caiden. 

I feel like there are always going to be so many things to do or see.  What I am learning,  however, is to not get consumed with all the things available because some may be just way too much for him at this stage; and to reserve some fun for later ages too. I am starting to take it in is very easy to get caught up in the  "not missing anything" parent frame of mind.

So in keeping toddlers in mind, and seeing what was super successful and fun with my toddler, I came up with a bucket list of fun must-dos for aged 1 to 3 year olds.  Some include visits to parks or venues, but others are just simple, easy, things that they will love with no planning needed on your part.

Each item on the list here gets such an awesome response.  Seeing this enthusiasm and joy is...well it brings out the kid in you too.

Turning Mommy: Bucket list toddlers

I think you will have fun seeing them enjoy the following:

1. Visit the local Aquarium

2. Jumping Puddles (with rain boots of course)

3. The Pumpkin Patch (including sloshing in the mud puddles)

4.  Watching airplanes take flight

5.  Choo choo train ride (usually put on during Christmas, Halloween or Easter)

6.  Petting or any zoo of sort

7.  Water parks and swimming

8.  Sand castles and Beachcombing

9.  Cotton candy and Kiddie rides at a Fair

10. Public song or Storytimes

11. Running around in large open fields

12. Bubble Baths

13.  Finger painting with no boundaries

14.  Cake smashing

15.  Jumping in a ball pit

Have fun you guys!!!

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