Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top 5 Things my Toddler Says

Kids talk a lot, and when they are not screaming, it is pretty darn cute!

I hear new things from Caiden daily, some just crack me up.  Because he is two, he still has a baby voice, so his speech contains those sweet and oh-so-cute nuances of not saying something quite right. 

Though hard to narrow down,  and this list evolves almost weekly, here are my fave Caiden quotes at this time.  I am sure I will revise this again in the future.

1. Yee-Haw!
He started saying this after watching Toy Story.  Though it is losing it's rotation in his daily vocab, it is still a fan favourite.

2. All aboahd! 
Loves trains, he loves a lot of stuff. But I grin ear to ear when he loads up his little toys into the cart of one of his Thomas the Trains and shouts "All aboahd!"  I will be a little sad once he knows how to say "aboard" correctly.

3. Otay Momma / Dadda
Seriously so cute. All his "ka" sounds are replaced with "ta" sounds.  So Kobe the dog is Tobe, cat is tat and so forth.  But the way he agrees and says "Ottttaaay"....ahhh killer, I mean tiller tuteness.

4.  Sup?
I am not too sure where he learned this, but I am going to guess seeing guys say hi to eachother. He doesn't do it always, but it will randomly come out; and when it does, it causes a few giggles, to say the least, coming from a little man.

5.  Mom check out!
I love watching him get excited to show us anything,  how he kicks a ball, the tower he just built, etc...But I think I love the fact he is telling me to "check it out" that much more.

What are some of your favourites?  Make sure to put them in the memory bank!


  1. Awwww that is so cute! My second youngest is 3 (so just a bit older) and we've been laughing at what she says since she started talking. :) You're right that they're little voices are so cute. Thanks for sharing and linking up with #5Faves!

  2. Oh my word, Caiden is ADORABLE! I just LOVE the words they say, in their little voices! My fave are the "ta"s replacing the "ka". My little mama absolutely loves Toy Story, so we know "Yehawwww" all to well. My fave is when these little ones say sassy phrases that they have no idea the meaning of. My little one says "Duuuuuude. Relaaaaax." She always says it in the wrong context too. It's precious. Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to your list this week!


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