Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Girls and Chocolate

It is obvious, girls love chocolate.  We do!

This weekend I attended a chocolate making class (by the Perky Parsnip) in honour of my cousin's 30th birthday.  It was a girls only thing, Rayna included.  And it was awesome!

I think I am super guilty of getting caught up in family time and being there for the kiddies, I sometimes neglect the much needed girl time, once in a while.  Although, I still see my girls, I think it is nice to just unplug and catch up and eat...I mean...make some chocolate!

It got me refreshed and feeling girly again, and guilt-free. I love being a mom but having some female bonding time away from that I think is good for both the kids and you.  

Aside from that, we really learned some awesome chocolate recipes.  I love the fact we used actual cocoa, and each person controlled the sweetness by adding maple syrup to their liking.  Mine was quite dark, just how I like it.  Using all natural peanut butter we made the best cups I have ever eaten, and then had at it to try different creations.  Real cocoa is great for antioxidants and using things like nuts, natural nut butters, dried blueberries and coconut kept the treats relatively healthy yet still delicious.  

I think if you are a mom, or just a busy lady, and looking for a girls day activity..definitely try this class.  You will love it!

Well the wine with the chocolate making was nice too...

Visit the Perky Parsnip for class details.

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